Seven papers accepted at NCA 2016

Task Based Load Balancing for Cloud Aware Massively Multiplayer Online Games
André Negro, Luis Veiga, Paulo Ferreira

DARSHANA: Detecting Route Hijacking For Communication Confidentiality
Karan Balu, Miguel Pardal and Miguel Correia.

NoSQL Undo: Recovering NoSQL Databases by Undoing Operations
David Matos and Miguel Correia

Feature Set Tuning for Machine Learning based Network Intrusion Detection
Arnaldo Gouveia and Miguel Correia

MACHETE: Multi-path Communication for Cloud Security
Diogo Raposo, Miguel Pardal, Luís Rodrigues and Miguel Correia

Leveraging an Homomorphic Encryption Library to Implement a Coordination Service
Eugénio Silva and Miguel Correia
(short paper)

vtTLS: A Vulnerability-Tolerant Communication Protocol
André Joaquim, Miguel L. Pardal and Miguel Correia
(short paper)