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New paper accepted at TSD 2017

Automatic Detection of Parkinson Disease: An Experimental Analysis of Common Speech Production Tasks Used for Diagnosis
A. Pompili, A. Abad, P. Romano, I. P. Martins, R. Cardoso, H. Santos, J. Carvalho, I. Guimarães, and J. J. Ferreira

New paper accepted at DISC 2017

Extending Hardware Transactional Memory Capacity via Rollback-Only Transactions and Suspend/Resume
Shady Issa, Pascal Felber, Alexander Matveev, and Paolo Romano

Two papers accepted at SRDS 2017

Fine-Grained Consistency Upgrades for Online Services
F. Freitas, J. Leitão, N. Preguiça, R. Rodrigues

A Practical Framework for Privacy-Preserving NoSQL Databases
R. Macedo, J. Paulo, R. Pontes, B. Portela, T. Oliveira, M. Matos and R. Oliveira

Best Student Paper Award at CCGrid 2007

Congratulations to Pedro A. R. S. Costa, Fernando Ramos, Miguel Correia, their paper:

Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce

won the Best Student Paper Award at CCGrid 2017.