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New paper accepted at NCA 2021

Secure protocol buffers for Bluetooth Low-Energy communication with wearable devices
Miguel C. Francisco, Samih Eisa, and Miguel L. Pardal
20th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications

New paper accepted at SOSP 2021

Kauri: Scalable BFT Consensus with Pipelined Tree-Based Dissemination and Aggregation
Ray Neiheiser (INESC-ID/IST and UFSC/DAS), Miguel Matos, and Luís Rodrigues

Two papers accepted at SAC 2018

Dynamic Adaptation of Byzantine Consensus Protocols
Carlos Carvalho, Daniel Porto, Luís Rodrigues, Manuel Bravo and Alysson Bessani

Gelly-Scheduling: Distributed Graph Processing for Service Placement in Community Networks
Miguel E. Coimbra, Mennan Selimi, Alexandre P. Francisco, Felix Freitag, and Luís Veiga

New paper accepted at ICOIN 2018

Fireplug: Flexible and Robust N-version Geo-Replication of Graph Databases
Ray Neiheiser, Daniel Presser, Luciana Rech, Manuel Bravo, Luís Rodrigues and Miguel Correia

Two papers accepted at NCA 2017

Enhancing Throughput of Partially Replicated State Machines via Multi-Partition Operation Scheduling
Zhongmiao Li, Peter Van Roy and Paolo Romano

Augure: Proactive Reconfiguration of Cloud Applications using Heterogeneous Resources
Richard Gil Martinez, Zhongmiao Li, Antónia Lopes, Luís Rodrigues