5th Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory
TransForm/EuroTM WTTM 2013

October 14, 2013, Jerusalem, Israel - in conjunction with DISC 2013

The workshop has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement number 238639, ITN project TransForm and by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action IC1001 Euro-TM.

The 5th Workshop on the Theory of Transactional Memory is a forum (TM) to foster exchanges, discussions, and disseminations among researchers on theoretical challenges and recent achievements in the context of speculative concurrent computing with emphasis on transactional memory.

Transactional memory (TM) is a programming paradigm that appears promising for simplifying concurrent programming. This abstraction raises several challenges in the way we view synchronization as well as in the way we implement it. A major goal of the workshop is to explore new directions and approaches for reasoning about transactional memory.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Invited speakers

"A Programming Language Perspective on Transactional Memory Consistency"
Hagit Attiya - Technion, Israel

"Transactional memory schedulers for diverse distributed computing environments"
Costas Busch - Louisiana State University, US

"STM contention management: from multiprocessors to distributed systems"
Danny Hendler - Ben-Gurion University, Israel

"Hybrid implementations of concurrent objects"
Michel Raynal - IRISA/University of Rennes 1, France


We solicit submissions describing recent results and/or positions relevant to the theory of speculative computing with emphasis on transactional memory to be presented and discussed at the workshop. Submissions should be in PDF format and include title, authors' names and affiliations, and an up to four-pages abstract (references excluded). Final papers will be available to participants electronically during the workshop. However, to facilitate resubmission to more formal venues, no archival proceedings will be published. Authors will have the option to upload the final version of their papers on the workshop website.

Please follow the following EasyChair submission link:


Program Committee

Panagiota Fatourou (co-chair) FORTH, Greece
Vincent Gramoli University of Sydney, Australia
Rachid Guerraoui EPFL, Switzerland
Danny Hendler Ben-Gurion University, Israel
Eshcar Hillel Yahoo! Labs, Israel
Maged Michael IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA
Alessia Milani (co-chair) Bordeaux Institute of Technology (IPB), France
Eliot Moss University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
Paolo Romano (co-chair) INESC-ID, Portugal
Vasu Singh BMW Munich, Germany


Time Authors Paper
TM Semantics
09h10Hagit AttiyaKeynote:
A Programming Language Perspective on Transactional Memory Consistency
09h45Mohsen Lesani and Jens Palsberg Write-observation and Read-preservation TM Correctness Invariantspdf
10h00Mohsen Lesani, Victor Luchangco and Mark Moir Specifying Transactional Memories with Nontransactional Operationspdf
10h15Wenjia Ruan, Yujie Liu and Michael SpearOn the Relationship Between Delaying Operators and Language-Level Semanticspdf
10h30Coffee break
Contention Management: From multiprocessor to distributed TMs
11h00Danny HendlerKeynote:
STM contention management: from multiprocessors to distributed systems
11h35Costas BuschKeynote:
Transactional memory schedulers for diverse distributed computing environment
12h10Christopher Rossbach and Jean-Philippe Martin Distributed Optimistic Concurrency Considered Optimisticpdf
12h35Shlomi Dolev, Panagiota Fatourou and Eleftherios Kosmas Abort Free SemanticTM by Dependency Aware Scheduling of Transactional Instructionspdf
13h00Lunch break
Hybrid TM
14h30Michel RaynalKeynote:
Hybrid implementations of concurrent objects
15h05Alex Matveev and Nir ShavitReduced Hardware Transactions: A Hybrid NORECpdf
15h20 Lingxiang Xiang and Michael ScottComposable Partitioned Transactionspdf
15h35Coffee break
16h00Victor Bushkov, Dmytro Dziuma, Panagiota Fatourou and Rachid GuerraouiSnapshot Isolation Does Not Scale Eitherpdf
16h15Faith Ellen, Panagiota Fatourou, Eleftherios Kosmas, Alessia Milani and Corentin TraversWait-Free Universal Constructions that ensure Timestamp-Ignoring Disjoint-Access Parallelismpdf
Multiversion Transactional Memories
16h30Nuno Diegues and Paolo RomanoInput Acceptance of Time-Warping Transactional Memorypdf
16h45Priyanka Kumar and Sathya PeriMultiversion Conflict Notionpdf

Important dates

EXTENDED Submission deadline:   30 July 2013
Acceptance notification: 20 August 2013
Workshop date: 14 October 2013


The participants who: shall not register yet in the DISC's registration page. They will receive further instructions on how to proceed with the registration together with the notification of their grant application.

Organizing Committee